A new phase of healing from the effects of Superstorm Sandy involves the internet.

(Credit: Ingram Publishing, ThinkStock)

Preferred Behavioral Health is now offering shore area residents the use of an online behavioral health program called MyStrength.

Lanette Rozier, PBH Vice President of Quality Improvement, said they were able to purchase an agreement to use MyStrength with the help of a grant from the United Way. She added that the web-based and mobile self-help resources are available to users 24/7.

"MyStrength offers programs, tools and resources that people can use in their MyStrength health club to learn, to grow, to be inspired," Rozier explained.

She added that the program has been proven effective in treating mild to moderate forms of anxiety and depression but an assessment is required. "In order to use MyStrength an assessment has to be done so we can determine that the person is appropriate for use," Rozier said. "Once that assessment is done MyStrength automatically builds a personal profile for the person and that includes daily motivational messages, articles, videos."

However, she also sees it as away of offering health care options as the landscape of offerings continue to shrink. "We definitely see it as a means of extending the services that we're able to provide because it allows us to have contact with people in shorter intervals of time," Rozier said.

Get more information about MyStrength at preferredbehavioral.org, mystrength.com or if you want to speak to someone about scheduling an appointment call 732-367-4700.