Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we would once again like to salute and give thanks to the brave men and women who served our country and, in some cases, gave the ultimate sacrifice. The timing of this story is mind blowing and unlike other Sandy stories, this one has a happy ending.

beach plaque
Memorial Plaque found on the Spring Lake beach (Facebook)

Carl Beams, like many of us were checking out what Sandy left behind yesterday when he stumbled upon this metal plaque in the Spring Lake sand. The timing of the discovery was particularly special given that yesterday was Veteran's Day and that the plaque read:

This picture was immediately circulated around Facebook and the internet. Many felt that the plaque itself was a victim of Hurricane Sandy. There used to be many benches on the boardwalk in Spring Lake with these plaques on them. Now the benches are gone and so is the boardwalk.
Within hours this message was posted on Facebook by Mr. Camisa's daughter:
That is my dad's. I am crying. I can't believe you found it.
Other family members would add their thoughts:
Amazing! As my Pop Pop, Harold Camisa, would say, "it doesn't get much better than this." Thank you Carl & FB for providing some sunshine for all of us. Stay strong Jersey!
This is my Pop-Pop. A plaque bought for him by his daughters and grandchildren. He loved to walk the boards. We, as his grandchildren, would often sit on his bench and reflect about the wonderful man and true hero he was. A POW and survivor of World War 2. This warms my heart and to think it washed ashore on Veterans Day.
Isn't it refreshing to hear some good news?

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