Governor Chris Christie got the Saturday Night Live treatment in an opening sketch about Hurricane Sandy.

Chrstie on SNL
Bobby Miynihan's Governor Christie addresses the media on Saturday Night Live (NBC)

After "Mayor Bloomberg" and his sign language interpreter, in her unique style, updated New York's recovery efforts it was Bobby Moynihan's  "Christe's"  turn to talk about how New Jersey handled the storm. "We don't get sad in New Jersey, we get even. So sleep with one eye open Sandy" warned the Governor  as his interpreter brought her own New Jersey "style" to Christie's words.

The sketch also took on Christie's criticism of Atlantic City Mayor Lorenzo Langsford who undermined Christie's evacuation order. As his interpreter has an "L" on her forehead, Christie said, "You are stupid, silly son of a bitch. You disobey me? You disobey one of my orders? Well screw you, screw your city, screw all the people who listened to you. I'm gonna come rescue you and beat you to death because that's the Jersey way."

His toned softened with thanks for President Obama's handling of the storm but said he was voting for Mitt Romney but said he's "gonna hate it" now.

Christie also told people who are "going through the phone book and threatening people named Sandy" to "cut it out. You're being idiots."

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