A TikToker who took viewers on a harrowing journey to get a spider removed from her ear says she has made some life changes since the whole ordeal.

"That is the most uneasy, violating feeling ever to quite literally feel a spider crawling out of your year," Desirae Kelly said in a recent post.

Spider Removed From Ear At Doctor's Office

Kelly shared a video earlier this month showing her sitting in a doctor's office.

"Well, they confirmed there is something in my ear," the Farmington, Missouri resident says in the video that has now been viewed more than 30 million times.

The office visit was needed after Kelly felt something crawling in her year while trying to go to sleep for the night. Nurses initially thought it was a month, but that was later ruled out after a quick examination found the creature to be "curled up" in the ear.

"I am so embarrassed right now," Kelly says while waiting for the nurses to return. "First of all, that's so gross and I'm a clean person. But it's also an uneasy feeling."

A crying Kelly later comes back on screen after the removal is complete. She confirms it was indeed a spider hanging out in her ear.

"It was alive," she says. "I threw up. I'm never sleeping again.

The video has not sat well with many viewers on TikTok.

"ALIVE??! I would no longer be upon receiving that information," Samantha Weaver commented.

Sleeping Differently After Spider Removal

Kelly recently provided an update on how she has been coping after the spider incident. She also provided more details about how the spider crawled out of her ear on its own.

"I'm like 'oh my god, something's moving, something's moving,'" Kelly says recapping her office visit. "I was tilting my head like this and I watch something fall out of the corner of my eye and fall on my sweater."

It may not have been easy, but Kelly is finally getting restful sleep at night. She has started using earplugs to ensure nothing can ever make its way insider her ears.

"I don't think I could ever sleep without earplugs again."

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