First Lady Mary Pat Christie has been offered $1000 for the Governor's infamous fleece pullover he wore during Hurricane Sandy to benefit the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund.

Governor Christie wore his Sandy fleece jacket to vote
Governor Christie wore his Sandy fleece jacket to vote (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Mrs. Christie, who chairs the charity, tells the Star Ledger the fleece is not up for auction "“but I may have to consider it.” She added that for the fleece to be put up for bid "“I’d have to get a lot more than $1,000 for it."

Eric Scott on Townsquare Media NJ's Ask The Governor program asked about auctioning off the fleece. Christie said he would have to confer with his wife.

Christie wore the fleece daily for nearly two weeks starting during the days leading to Sandy's arrival. He symbolically took off the fleece when he declared it was time for New Jersey residents not adversely affected to return to normal.

The fleece, however, has been mocked on Saturday Night Live twice including during Christie's appearance on Weekend Update when he joked that the jacket is fused to his skin, and he even wears suits over it. “I’m gonna die in this fleece,” he said.

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