Losing Patience with Christie
The first oversight report from Superstorm Sandy integrity monitors won't be ready for the legislature until July 1, and that's not welcome news for Assembly Budget Committee chairman Gary Schaer. He has grown impatient over the lack of information regarding contractors hired by the Christie administration to do recovery and rebuilding work.
Dune Holdouts Addressed
Dune Holdouts Addressed
Dune Holdouts Addressed
Hundreds of beachfront homeowners are still refusing to grant permission for a system of dunes to be built along their property, a project the governor says will help protect New Jersey's coastline during future storms.
Feds Head to Town for Clean Up
A contingent of Homeland Security workers and Red Cross volunteers from the Washington D.C./Virginia area will be heading to the Garden State for a week, on their own dime, to help rebuild Sandy-battered houses.
Federal Bill Benefits Jersey
President Barack Obama is expected to sign the federal Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act into law within the next 10 days, which would benefit Jersey Shore residents still recovering from Superstorm Sandy, according to an insurance expert in Ocean County.

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