Hurricanes.  Tornadoes.  Nor'easters.  Blizzards.  Flooding.  Plenty of weather conditions to worry about.  Extreme weather appears to be staying with us.  That's why a nationwide campaign is now underway, focusing on the need for better protections.  It's all about staying ahead of the storm before, during and after.

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Superstorm Sandy forever changed our landscape, leaving us with destroyed and flooded homes and businesses, economic hardships and devastated communities and pummeled and polluted shoreline up and down the state.  U.S. Strong feels we need to prepare for the next one so we aren't caught off guard again.

New Jersey Director Lauren Townsend says "effective measures exist today to protect our homes, or businesses and communities from problems.  Prevention is a lot less costly, creates jobs and saves lives."

Recent studies show that for every dollar spent to prevent devastation from storms, it saves $9 of clean up and recovery costs.

The non-profit organization believes that extreme weather conditions and their effects are something for the government to get involved with.  If there was funding in the coffers ahead of time, there may be less red tape when and if a disaster strikes again.

Townsend spoke to Ocean County Mayor's earlier this week about the campaign.

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