How many of your Jersey Shore memories took place at this landmark? Now you can buy a piece of it for a great cause!

Help Belmar rebuild by purchasing a 10 or 12 inch piece of the old dance floor at D'Jais. Most pieces are branded with their logo. This is a fundraiser to help Belmar Hurricane Sandy relief and recovery.

The famous Ocean Avenue bar had to rip up its old dance floor after the hurricane.

The dance floor tiles have been replaced with new flooring, so the bar owners decided to put the old building materials to work in the form of a fundraiser.

You can buy a piece online and have it shipped to you, or buy a piece at the bar directly.

The pieces not only hold meaning because you were one of those dancing on the floor, but because they show the damage of the hurricane. A piece of history in not one, but two ways.

(Photo courtesy of D'Jais)

The bar is calling the fundraiser "Own a Piece of the Most Famous Dance Floor on the Jersey Shore" and asking you to do some good at the same time.

An interesting piece of memorabilia, to say the least!

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