Manasquan is one of the beach towns that is suffering and in need since the hurricane.

Neighbors have been coming together to help each other out, the county has brought in a water and ice distribution center at the Manasquan Circle, local restaurants have been offering to feed residents, and the town is even holding a pep rally today to try to provide some love, food, and maybe a little fun for the children who missed Halloween...despite the harsh reality that there are people with no homes in our town now. One particular bright light:

First Baptist Church of Manasquan opened its doors to the community just days after the hurricane, offering 24/7 help to those without power, those in need of a kitchen and hot meal, those who needed counseling after losing everything, and those who just needed a warm room, lights, power, and fellowship.

Pastor Joe Gratzel and everyone who has volunteered to help out at FBC has tirelessly worked to take kitchen duties, collect and sort clothing, coats, and supplies, all with love and warmth in their hearts to share with shell-shocked victims who don't yet know if they can ever again live in their homes.

That said, and with much thanks to those that went out of their way to drop off supplies, they don't need any more clothing or bottled water. The church, as well as other churches and community buildings in town, are overflowing with clothing.

Here's what FBC is STILL IN NEED OF:

Heavy duty trash bags or contractor bags

Mops and buckets

Clorox wipes

Spray cleaners


Rags (cloth or paper)

Work gloves

Cleaning gloves

Face masks

Also, access to the hardest hit areas is still restricted so work crews are not needed yet, but will be needed in a few weeks. Once crews are needed, First Baptist Church (South Street, Manasquan) will be glad to provide hospitality for the crews.

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