It's hard to believe that it was just about 90 days ago that we were paralyzed by Superstorm Sandy. While the cleanup continues and we restore the shore, we all need to notice the amazing progress that is being made. Jersey Shore landmark Jenkinson's is a perfect example. Starting Friday, Jenkinson's will reopen the aquarium and gift shop.

Jenkinson's Facebook

They've also restocked the sweet shop for their reopening on Friday as well.

Jenkinson's Facebook

The Pavilion Arcade, Frank’s Fun Center, Jenkinson’s South Arcade and Pavilion Fast Food will open on Saturday, February 2nd.

Rebuilding Jenk's Ardcade. Photo: Jenkinson's Facebook

It’s been quite a lot of work but we have a great crew here. We can’t wait to greet our customers when we reopen. We have cheered for every reopening we have seen on the Shore in the last few months and we are proud to finally make our own announcement.

-Toby Wolf, Jenkinson's

The Amusement Park is already preparing by bringing back the rides that were removed from the boardwalk prior to the storm.

What are you looking forward to seeing the most at Jenkinson's? Where is your favorite spot at Jenks? Tell us below in the comments section!