photo courtesy of jerseyshoreunited.org
photo courtesy of jerseyshoreunited.org

Barry Moll, Executive Director of the Toms River non-profit organization, said Gokey's story is unique, much like Hurricane Sandy.

"He lost his 26-year-old wife just before Idol started. So, his whole journey through American Idol was the loss of his wife and then he had to struggle through his life," said Moll.

Moll is hoping the concert will raise $20,000 so Jersey Shore United can continue to help the hundreds of storm victims still struggling.

"100 percent of that is going to go to supporting the whole operation, whether that's rebuilding a home, which we do now, doing a demolition, we have tool trailers and trucks now that we get to the properties, insurance, anything that we're going to need to continue to help the homeowners is where it'll go," Moll said.

Moll expects the group to do ten entire homes this year and added, "Our sweet spot right now is, we're working with homeowners that cannot raise their home and they cannot leave their home, and they're basically stuck."

As of November, 2014, Moll pointed out there was one homeowner who was still living in five feet of mold that was growing up his walls.

"We're gutting their homes, and we're rewiring their homes, and we're replumbing their homes, and we're giving them an entire brand new interior," said Moll.

The June 15 concert features Gokey, with special guest Cloverton. It's being held at 7 p.m, at the Church of Grace and Peace, 1563 Old Freehold Road, Toms River.

Tickets can be purchased at jerseyshoreunited.org. The website also includes a link for volunteers and donations.


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