The business community and residents themselves on what is commonly called the barrier island hope the old adage of "bad things coming in threes" is true, because they might not be able to deal with four. 

The area between South Seaside Park and Point Pleasant Beach is still trying to recover from Sandy. Then, of course, came the Seaside boardwalk fire last September.   The latest headache is one they knew was coming but it’s not making it any easier to deal with.

A massive reconstruction project along Route 35 began just after Labor Day and is not expected to be completed until May of 2015.  The result has been a dramatic and ever-changing shifting of lanes, ramps, roads….you name it.

What makes navigating the situation even more of a challenge is the many damaged areas that still exist from Sandy, especially in and around Ortley Beach.  While it is rough enough for residents, it has become a real obstacle for local businesses that don’t need any more negatives. With that said, I encourage locals to patronize those businesses from restaurants to hardware stores when they can. They can sure use a shot in the arm.

Phases of the Route 35 reconstruction project
Phases of the Route 35 reconstruction project (NJ DOT)


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