The JSCVB, the only Destination Marketing Organization sponsored by the State of New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism, is organizing a grassroots, Shore-wide effort designed to let the world know that shops, restaurants and theaters are open and thriving.

It's doing so by encouraging local business owners to send in photos and videos of themselves and staff at their places of business, proudly displaying an "Open" sign.

JSCVB Director Bob Hilton calls it, "a call to arms designed to show positive images to counteract some of the negative publicity and help local business get the word out that we are Jersey stronger than ever."

Working with Asbury Park-based ad agency Marshall, Jackson & Partners, the plan is to create a viral video as part of a comprehensive marketing campaign to ensure the success of local businesses' in the aftermath of Sandy.

"We need to get the word out," Hilton added. "The Jersey Shore is Open For Business!"

About the Jersey Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau
The Jersey Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau is the only non-profit Destination Marketing Organization serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The JSCVB is the fastest growing destination marketing organization and represents all the core tourism and non-core tourism as well as chamber of commerce’s and restaurant associations and amusements in the Jersey Shore region. We market as a destination for individuals and families, businesses and organizations, and meeting and travel planners for domestic and international markets. Tourism directly affects you, the consumer, lowering your taxes by between fourteen and sixteen-hundred dollars per household, per year. To learn more on how tourism can help your community, visit our website at or call Executive Director Robert Hilton at 732-244-9283.

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