Despite all that Hurricane Sandy did to New Jersey, it turns out, her fury was no match for true love.A 14-year-old walking on a beach in Atlantic Highlands the day after Sandy struck came across a box filled with water-logged letters.

Those letters, all 57 of them, chronicled the life of Dorothy Fallon and Lynn Farnham between 1942 up until the week before they were married in 1948.

According to Fox News, the letters were written by Dorothy to Lynn, while he serving in the Pacific during WWII.

The mother of the young man who found the letters, Kathleen Chaney, told WNBC-TV that she started doing some detective work while her son dried the letters.

She left a message on a website where she learned Farnham had died in 1991. A relative then contacted her to say 91-year-old Dorothy Fallon Farnham was in frail health, but alive, living in Asbury Park.

Many think the box of letters floated from the Rumson area during the storm, down the Shrewsbury River, and then into the Sandy Hook Bay.

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