Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is teaming up with environmental group Clean Ocean Action to raise money for Sandy relief through the sale of a song written in reaction to the storm.

Mickey Hart Band's "Jersey Shore" (Mickey Hart Band)

He was specifically touched by the reactions of shore natives Jon Bon Jovi and Brian Williams during storm coverage on NBC Nightly News.

"I could see it in Brian [William's] and Bon Jovi's eyes, the sense of loss of place. It was a tragedy, they were really affected and it really moved me. The next thing I knew, a song came out.

Overcome with emotion, Hart wrote the song "Jersey Shore" which he wanted to give out as a message of strength.

"It's a song of hope it's a song of survival, and it has a certain kind of magic quality that you almost feel like you're there. I'll probably never write a song like that again." Adding that he hopes it will bring people hope "because that's what music is all about. Even if it touches one ear and gets someone through the night it would be worth it."

The drummer teamed with the Sandy Hook based environmental group Clean Ocean Action to receive all the donations from the downloads, citing their reputation in the area.

"It be great to raise a lot of money for the organization on the ground, this is when they really need it, it's the freezing in the middle of the winter."

"People are really hurting, and I can affect it. It's not like North Korea, this is here in America. You can do some good."

Hart, who played with the legendary jam band from 1967-1971 and again from 1974-1995, says growing up in nearby Brooklyn he often visited the shore and from an early age understood the cultural importance of the area.

"Shore towns are unique, they're a place where there is sense of community. You have a beer, walk on the board, go on the boardwalk, enjoy time with your family. So it has a sort of spiritual overtone as opposed to a place where you work."

The song is available for free for download from Hart's website, however anyone who makes a donation will also receive an additional two hours of music from the Mickey Hart Band's performance at Asbury Park on August 17th 2012 as well as tracks from the band's latest album, Mysterium Tremendum.