With all that's gone on in the past few weeks, it seems like Thanksgiving just kind of appeared out of nowhere this year. I think this Thanksgiving will be the most meaningful one we've had in a long time here at the Jersey Shore.

So many lost so much and yet the New Jersey spirit remains. And so has our appreciation of the things that are truly important to us. Things like family and friends and neighbors and neighborhood, and the reminder that material things can be replaced.

I say this before the holidays every year, "Look around the table this holiday season and appreciate those you love around you and just cherish that moment."

I think that is more important this year than it's been in a long time. So many people I've talked to along the Shore say the same thing when you ask how they did in the storm. They say how lucky they are in comparison to other less fortunate neighbors. And you can see the pain for their neighbors in their eyes as well as their relief at their better fortune.

So let this Thanksgiving be a time to really count our blessings. And this year it won't be just words. It will be real thanks.

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