One of the big hassles that a lot of shore residents are dealing with is having to raise their homes. Unfortunately, for a lot of beach community residents, it's just one of those things that we have to deal with. But, some are taking rather ingenious steps to make the process a little less of a hassle.

The folks over at the "Barnegat Bay Island" Facebook page called our attention to something that they happened to spot when out for a walk:

[We] saw an older woman loading her groceries onto a lift to be raised to the main floor. With house after house being raised up 10 or even 15 feet it's logical to do what she did. She had someone install a deer hoist with a remote to make that trip up and down the stairs so much easier.

So for a relatively small investment, this resident made the best of an inconvenient situation. Rather than hauling groceries up a new flight of stairs that she'd never had to deal with before, she "hacked" a solution out of equipment meant for other purposes. Pretty smart!

Have you seen any of your neighbors coming up with clever solutions post-Sandy? Tell us in the comments!