Almost two years after Superstorm Sandy walloped the Garden State, many shore towns and individual homeowners continue restoration and repair work. But they're not the only ones.

Coast Guard Station Cape May
Coast Guard Station Cape May (Google Street View)

The New Jersey Coast Guard has launched a major rebuilding project at its Sandy Hook facility, after the hurricane caused more than $50 million in damage statewide.

Meanwhile, the New Jersey National Guard is also continuing repair work.

"The Guard suffered significant damage during the superstorm - Army, as well as Air Guard facilities and a lot of it was roof-related damage, structural damage, infrastructure damage, especially down at our army training facility that's located at Sea Girt," said Chief Warrant Officer Patrick Daugherty, who is a spokesman for the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

He said while all Air National Guard rebuilding projects have been completed and most Army Guard buildings have been restored, the National Guard Militia Museum is still being repaired.

"It is a significant historical place where all the archived information relating to the state Militia  is held," he said. "We're actually working through FEMA to get that project complete, so all the archives, all the artifacts are being stored in a safe place, being restored."

After Sandy, approximately 2,600 soldiers and airmen were activated and put to work.

"They were conducting sheltering operations at various locations, clearing debris along the shore, as well as rescuing individuals from their homes from rising water," Daugherty said. "The total cost for the active duty pay was around $5.3 million, and with the troops being activated there are additional costs associated with that, and that includes food, which totaled around $1.1 million, and transportation costs totaled more than $850,000."

Daugherty said the National Guard has been reimbursed for all outstanding costs, except a couple of hundred thousand dollars in transportation costs.

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