The construction along Rt. 35 is absolutely necessary, both to repair the damage from Sandy, and to make sure this vital roadway can withstand future storms.

In the meantime, the businesses that sit along the road are suffering, especially in the furthest reaches of South Seaside Park.


South Seaside Park
Construction along Rt. 35 is causing flooding and traffic issues, but the businesses are still open. (Jerry Rotunda)

The roadways are torn up from drainage improvements and the detours and ever-changing traffic patterns are keeping people away.

Chef Mike Jurusz of Chef Mike's ABG told me, 'the construction is killing us. We're doing whatever we can to get people down here.'

Chef Mike's ABG

Jerry Rotonda, owner of Bum Rogers' Crabhouse, echoed those statements. He also said that there are just a small handful of businesses like luncheonettes and convenience stores that are still open, but they are all struggling.

It was hard enough to get these places up and running (and restored) after Sandy, and this simply isn't helping.

A Seaside Park Councilwoman created a video called 'MudGate' to highlight the issues the construction is causing residents and business owners.

Long-term, these roadway improvements are important and will help the area, but in the short-term, it's beyond an inconvenience.

Take the time to support the local businesses that are hurting. Sure, it might take a little while longer to get there, but people's livelihoods are at stake! Let's continue to help Restore the Shore!

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