Lucy Miles and Alexandra Dompier, both 11-years-old, brainstormed on a charitable idea while they watched the 12-12-12 Sandy benefit concert.

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"We saw all of the animals that were displaced, and we wanted to do something," Lucy said.

With that, the pair of Columbus, NJ fifth-graders created the 'Do It Duo for Pets.'

"We deliver food and supplies to shelters and we have food pantries," Lucy explained.

The girls have made remarkable strides in just over a year of service. They've used social media to get the word out about pet foods and supplies they need, while they also hear about animals or pet groups that could use their help.

Lucy's mother, Mary, estimates that the duo have provided service to thousands of families and pets, helping up to 5,000 from Sandy alone.

While it started as a way to assist with the displaced pets from the storm, they have spread their contributions to families recovering from disasters, such as the Oklahoma tornadoes and the Seaside Boardwalk fire.

'Do It Duo for Pets' donate regularly to two pet food pantries, as well as shelters and to families directly. Since many displaced families have been reunited with their pets, providing direct help to families while they put their lives back together has been a major focus recently.

"The storm's over, but not everybody's recovered yet," Lucy reminded.

The girls also hope to educate, advocate, and promote healthy relationships with pets.

Learn more about the pair's remarkable efforts and how you can help by visiting the 'Do It Duo for Pets' website and Facebook page.

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