A nationally syndicated comic strip is being used to bring attention to the devastation of Superstorm Sandy and ongoing storm relief efforts.

Anthony Rubino, Jr.

New Jersey native Tony Rubino writes the scripts for the popular 'Daddy's Home' comic strip and sends the whimsical and dysfunctional family on a trip to the Jersey Shore this week.

Rubino says doing a daily comic strip gives him a unique platform where he can have a voice on hundreds of media outlets 365 days a year.

"I was very impacted by the storm because I grew up in the area and I know a lot of people who are affected," says Rubino. "So I figured the least I could do to try and help a little bit for at least one week. So I decided to showcase different areas that were affected and then also partner with some relief organizations and give out their phone numbers and e-mails and see if we can get some awareness going."

He says he got ideas for this week's strip from the media as far as who was affected the most.

"I concentrated on some areas that had some iconic images."

Daddy's Home Comic Strip (Anthony Rubino Jr)

He says Tuesday's strip features Seaside Heights with the roller coaster in the water and he used similar iconic images to feature other communities impacted by the Superstorm.

"As far as working it into the story, basically I just had the family go on vacation and they went to the Jersey Shore and they just sort of observed what they saw."

Rubino says he's getting positive feedback from the nonprofit organizations that he's been featuring in the strip.

"I think I showcased seven organizations. I think four of them will be showcasing the comic strip on their website. So they have been very supportive."

He also adds that he's been getting a great response from his fans.

"I have a Facebook page and all this other stuff and there are definitely more people who are viewing the cartoon this week than normal, so it's definitely having some sort of impact."

'Daddy's Home' is featured in 200 newspapers nationwide. Get more information on their website.

Daddy's World comicrestrips appear with permission of Anthony Rubino Jr.

Daddy's Home Comic Strip (Anthony Rubino Jr)