Those living with disabilities and are waiting to return home after Superstorm Sandy will be getting a helping hand thanks to a generous donation from a Connecticut based relief organization.

Ramp replacement by Americares (Facebook)

Stamford based AmeriCares is awarding a $37,000 dollar grant towards the removal of damaged wheelchair ramps outside Sandy victims’ homes and replace them with temporary aluminum ramps. The grant also funds the delivery of replacement wheelchairs, canes and other medical equipment lost or damaged in the storm.

Garrett Ingoglia, Vice President of Emergency Response at AmeriCares says the ramps will help residents resume their pre-storm way of life very quickly, especially for disabled individuals who face additional challenges.

Charleston South Carolina based Portlight Solutions will the be doing the removal and installation of the over a dozen modular wheelchair ramps that will be used for residents who need them to re-enter their homes.

Ramps being replaced by AmeriCares (Americares)

Since the ramps are modular and can be removed until permanent structures are installed, about 120 disabled residents are expected to benefit from the temporary ramps. The temporary ramps will remain in use until Portlight staff and volunteers can replace them with permanent structures.

Ingoglia notes in addition to being cost effective the modular ramps allow the most people to return home. “And that is what we are interested in.”

The ramps are in the process of being installed.