Housing and infrastructure will be the joint focus of the next round of Sandy relief money allocated to New Jersey.

Sandy-damaged housing
John Moore, Getty Images

On Monday, Gov. Chris Christie's office announced plans for $1.46 billion that will be the subject of three public hearings the week of Feb. 10.

Marc Ferzan, executive director of the Governor's Office of Recovery and Rebuilding, said approximately 50 percent of the money would go toward homeowner assistance and rental housing programs.

The intent of the second round of money is to focus on community and infrastructure development, as well as to fill in gaps left over from the initial $1.83 billion in storm aid. Ferzan said there is still close to $19 billion in unmet needs specifically for housing, infrastructure and economic development, so the distribution of the money becomes incredibly important.

"We are prioritizing getting homeowners and renters back to more permanent housing solution," Ferzan said.

Of the $735 million proposed for housing assistance programs, $450 million is planned for low- to moderate-income families. Additionally, $390 million is slated for continuation of the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation & Mitigation Program.

"The $390 million will enable us to pull a substantial number of additional of folks on the wait list, off the wait list, and get them towards grant approval," Ferzan said.

Infrastructure programs would receive $535 million while local government support programs would receive $120 million, $5 million of which would go toward a marketing campaign for Sandy-impacted tourism. Ferzan said that would not be an extension of the "Stronger than the Storm" campaign.

To see the full plan, click here.

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