Fraudulent activity connected to Superstorm Sandy is still being uncovered by New Jersey law enforcement, more than 17 months since the storm made landfall.

Acting Attorney General John Hoffman told Townsquare Media he wouldn't be surprised if more Sandy-related cases keep coming in.

Acting Attorney General John Hoffman
Acting Attorney General John Hoffman (Townsquare Media)

"There are a fair number of unscrupulous people who are trying to take advantage of the most vulnerable and the most defenseless after this terrible superstorm," said Hoffman, noting disaster victims tend to be perfect targets for criminals.

Four homeowners were recently charged for allegedly filing false applications to collect federal storm relief funds. In all four cases, according to the Office of the Attorney General, the defendants falsely claimed that storm-damaged homes along the shore were their primary residences, a requirement under the relief programs.

"There's a limited pool of funds, so every time you take a dollar you don't deserve, you're taking a dollar from somebody who deserves it," explained Hoffman.

Since the October 2012 storm, fake charities have been dismantled, price gougers have been punished, and unsavory contractors have had their deceitful practices revealed to the public.

Hoffman pledged to "make every effort" to take funds out of the hands of the people who don't deserve them.

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