It's been almost six months since Sandy hit, and one Seaside Park based non-profit is helping both residents and businesses recover from the devastating superstorm.

Boats tossed onto the shore in Seaside Park by Hurricane Sandy (Governor's Office/Tim Larsen)

Shortly after the October 29th weather event, the borough was left a virtual ghost town.  People had evacuated from their homes only to find out that most properties suffered damage from the minor to the extreme.

There was a period of several weeks where most of the residents and business owners couldn't return back to see Sandy's wrath and were going by media reports and coverage on TV.  It was at that point that Mayor Robert Matthies issued a memorandum to the governing body hoping to start up a foundation to help the dire situation.

Through the efforts of longtime community family members and brothers Vito and Vincent Gagliardi, Funtown Peers: Friends of Seaside Park, Inc. was formed as a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation

Foundation President Denise Koury says "we've received $150,000 from the Robin Hood Foundation and the money is being distributed wisely.  Everything from paying back rent to helping homeowners by new wood and hiring contractors."

So far, close to $32,000 has been issued via checks and gift cards.

The application process for those in need is still open.  Visit their web site

Special thanks to Erik Weber at the Ocean County Signal.