Casino Pier in Seaside Heights has signed a contract with a marine salvage company to remove the Jet Star roller coaster from the ocean.

Jet Star roller coaster in the ocean off Seaside Heights
Jet Star roller coaster in the ocean off Seaside Heights (Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Donjon Marine Inc. of Hillside expects to begin work within the next 10 days to dismantle the coaster, which fell into the ocean during Superstorm Sandy when part of Casino Pier broke off, according to the Star Ledger.

A water-borne crane will be brought in to take the Jet Star down from the ocean side, Donjon President Arnold Witte told the Star Ledger.  Pier and coaster debris will also be removed from the 92,000 square foot area.

No date has been announced for the project's completion as the progress of work is affected by the weather. Witte and Akers did not make public a dollar figure on the cost of removal.

An Icon Of The Superstorm

Submerged Seaside Heights roller coaster
Submerged Jet Star roller coaster (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The roller coaster, which became an iconic symbol of Superstorm Sandy's effect on the Jersey Shore. Seaside Heights Mayor Bill Akers had considered keeping the roller coaster in the ocean believing it to be a "great tourist attraction." In January Chistopher Angulo of  Lavallette climbed to the top of the Jet Star and planted a flag to bring attention to slow recovery from Sandy.

Last week Seaside Heights began work on a new boardwalk which is expected to be open by May 10.

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